Entry #1

The Book of Living Magic

2011-08-21 10:18:40 by JonasKyratzes


I've just released a new game. It's a point & click adventure called The Book of Living Magic.

If you enjoy fairytales, myths and an odd sense of humour, give this one a try. But take your time! This isn't a game about puzzles or skill, it's about the story, about exploring a place, about discovering details, and about interacting with the characters. Which also means it's quite text-heavy, so if you don't feel like playing a game that makes you read, leave this for another day.

But if you feel like experiencing a story, get ready to visit the Lands of Dream! And don't forget: it's all about the journey, not the destination.



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2011-08-22 22:02:21

FINISH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!1!1!!!!!!!!!


2011-10-04 11:49:39

Sorry I missed the launch in August, it's up on FP now though!


2011-10-04 19:19:17

You gave the guy front page and you're apologizing? Oh Tom. :)


2011-10-09 11:19:58

I just played it and I loved it. keep up the good work!