Entry #2

The Sea Will Claim Everything

2012-06-14 08:01:28 by JonasKyratzes

Hi folks,

I have recently released my first commercial game, The Sea Will Claim Everything. It's a point and click adventure set in the Lands of Dream, similar to my flash games The Book of Living Magic and The Fabulous Screech, but way bigger and more complex. I know those games aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I also know a lot of people on NG really liked them, so for those of you who did, I'd really appreciate it if you had a look. We've put a lot of work and love into the game, and I think you'll find it's quite the journey to take.

You can also check out the rest of the new Lands of Dream website, which has a variety of stories and images from that world, in addition to the games.



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2012-06-14 08:09:38

congrats. i'll b playing


2013-12-21 00:23:35

As will I


2014-11-16 09:29:55

Is this available for Mac? Crap. I really need to switch to GNU/Linux.


2014-11-18 17:27:27

Or better yet, you should make this into an app. That and The Infinite Ocean. It would sell like hotcakes.


2016-03-12 22:44:45

I switched 2 years later. It's not linux compatible anyway. :( Maybe wine could work?